SS Air Curtain

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Shree Tech Automation Air Curtains are available in four series with outlet velocity ranging 12 mtrs / sec, 16 mtrs / sec, 20 mtrs / sec and 24 mtrs / sec. In each series, models are available to suit door widths from 0.9 m to 2 m.

Shree Tech Automation Air Curtains are also available with Flame Proof Motors in SS Cabinets and CRCA Cabinets in all series.

Cold forming technique of manufacture renders outer cabinet strong and tough yet light in weight.

Improved design of suction grill profile maintains ideal air entry configuration for radial flow fans by reducing pressure loss at entry point to a negligible level and achieves consumption close to the theoretical air horsepower.

It is available with electrostatic powder coating which helps with high level of resistance to corrosion and abrasion..

Aerodynamic design of radial flow fan impellers with polished stainless steel blades/sangel and resilient mounted drive end bush/bearings and supporting end pin ensure low turbulent displacement of air at low noise level. Number of blades, blade profile and placement are arrived at after considerable practical experimentation and studies.

Fixed guide vanes inside the fan scroll eliminate short cycling of the air and enable air displacement at optimum energy consumption.

Sintered special metallic bushes/bearings absorb and retain lubricant. Therefore frequent lubrication is not necessary.

Compact powerful motor for smooth starting, trouble-free running and continuous operation with low power consumption.

Resilient suspension mounting system for installing the unit makes for ease of installation, prevents transfer of vibration from unit to mounting structure and simplifies removal of equipment for servicing.



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